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Fitness With Jen: Cardio Dance Club

Gym/Physical Fitness Center

Cardio Dance Club: follow-along dance fitness classes with Jen. All-levels group exercise. Locations in Qualicum Beach, Errington, & Nanaimo area.

Fitness With Jen: Cardio Dance Club

Update: note that all fitness classes have been cancelled by both RDN and ACRA due to the Covid-19 disease and physical distancing measures. There are no further classes scheduled at this time. Hope to see you all healthy and safe at the other side of this. Sending virtual love and warm wishes to stay safe. - Jen

Hi dancers! I’m so, so sorry but we need to cancel this morning’s class (just heard back from RDN we don’t have time to find a sub), and are pre-emptively cancelling class on Friday as well. I have come down with a cold overnight, and in addition to an injury it’s just not safe to do class — plus I want to keep these germs away from you all too. I’m so sorry about the last minute notice. Hopefully a lot of sleep will be a quick mend and I’ll see you Monday next week! Take care and have a good weekend 🙂

What Students are Saying
Visiting from out of town and had so much fun at Cardio Dance Club! Jen is a great instructor with energy for days! Loved her original choreo and teaching style. Next visit I will def be back! Read more


Such an amazing place to get a sweat on and have a blast! I’m always smiling during UJam. Read more


I made it to Jen DeHaan’s class today! Had a great time and her playlist made us sweat to the max!!! Thanks Jen! Read more


COWABUNGA!!! Somebody ate her Wheaties today!! I think my sneaks where on FIYAH! great class tonight Jen DeHaan!! I was lovin the playlist. Read more


JEN…great job at keeping things rolling…fun fun Fun. Read more


Aaaahhhhh so much fun tonight at U-JAM!! You’re a machine Jen!!! Read more


[Describing other class taken] Good class but Casa Loca rocks! Jen DeHaan your class is so much more fun! Read more


What an amazing time at class tonight!!! Sooooo much energy!! Thanks Jen!!! ❤️❤️❤️ Read more