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Fitness With Jen: Cardio Dance Club

Gym/Physical Fitness Center

Cardio Dance Club: follow-along dance fitness classes with Jen. All-levels group exercise. Locations in Qualicum Beach, Errington, & Nanaimo area.

Fitness With Jen: Cardio Dance Club

28 minutes 40 seconds ago

There is snow in the forecast! What does it mean for classes?

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What Students are Saying
Visiting from out of town and had so much fun at Cardio Dance Club! Jen is a great instructor with energy for days! Loved her original choreo and teaching style. Next visit I will def be back! Read more


Such an amazing place to get a sweat on and have a blast! I’m always smiling during UJam. Read more


I made it to Jen DeHaan’s class today! Had a great time and her playlist made us sweat to the max!!! Thanks Jen! Read more


COWABUNGA!!! Somebody ate her Wheaties today!! I think my sneaks where on FIYAH! great class tonight Jen DeHaan!! I was lovin the playlist. Read more


JEN…great job at keeping things rolling…fun fun Fun. Read more


Aaaahhhhh so much fun tonight at U-JAM!! You’re a machine Jen!!! Read more


[Describing other class taken] Good class but Casa Loca rocks! Jen DeHaan your class is so much more fun! Read more


What an amazing time at class tonight!!! Sooooo much energy!! Thanks Jen!!! ❤️❤️❤️ Read more