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What is Cardio Dance Club?

Cardio Dance Club is a follow-along dance fitness workout that fuses athletic dance and fun, high-energy music, and an urban feel. It will get you sweating, raise your heart rate, and your body working and booty shaking. The most important part? It’s EASY and FUN! I believe in making sure group exercise is approachable and accessible to all people, of all ages and fitness levels and is always easy to follow, but the choreography is still a lot of fun.

The music includes recent hits from the radio and some throwback favorites. Styles include hip hop, top 40, R&B, and songs from around the world too (such as K-Pop from Korea, Latin fusion and more).

But most importantly, Cardio Dance Club is about the FITNESS and the COMMUNITY. You will focus on various intensities of cardio fitness, and also complete toning songs as well to work on your form and strength. All the while within a supportive community where you belong at any age, fitness level, or ability. This is an all-levels class where you work at the pace and intensity that you want and need to work at. Be supported, be seen, be heard.

What do you need?

Come ready to sweat! You just need a towel, water bottle, some running shoes and comfortable clothing!

Is Cardio Dance Club a good workout?

Cardio Dance Club is a fitness centered workout, usually about an hour in length. It is a dance fitness workout, and here is an article referencing a study on the health benefits of dance fitness as a general format. You can expect a cardio-focused workout where you experience “intervals” in your heart rate (higher-intensity songs mixed with recovery or lower-intensity songs), in addition to some toning using body resistance. I start with a 8-10 minute warmup that gradually raises your heart rate while reviewing common moves in the class. I end the class with a cool-down to lower the heart rate safely, and follow it with a final stretch song.

If you are familiar with Zumba Fitness, expect a similar workout but with a modern top-40 radio hits, throwback and international songs with dance moves that have an urban feel. You can also expect verbal cues (pre-cues about what to do next, fitness cues (about your core, getting more grounded… and what that means, and of course how to get a better work out!), safety cues (how to position your body in stretches, how to stay safe), motivational cues to push you, and so on), as I will be wearing a microphone to help guide you through the fitness and dance moves in a clear manner. In other words: easy to follow along!

The Music

It’s all about the music! Find the full catalog of Cardio Dance Club music here. My weekly playlists include about 12-15 songs from this page. I add new songs almost every week, and a new warmup every 6-8 weeks. But don’t worry – each song has pre-choreographed moves that are always the same each time we dance to it. I repeat new songs from week to week, only changing a few, and re-introduce old favorites back into the playlist too. You will always have an opportunity to learn the moves to each song. And I always take requests by email or on Facebook!

The Community

The most important part of my classes, apart from safety, are the people. That’s YOU! The class is your class, not mine. It’s important to me that you have a safe, fun, enjoyable, and rewarding experience for whatever reason you walk in that door: your physical health, your mental health, or both. Please connect with me on Facebook or by email so I can get to know you! Get to know the other people in the room, too! Let me know what you like or dislike about the class or the music (life is boring if we keep things the same), or if you want to review a move or even a whole song. I want to know what you think and what you need to make this a great, useful experience for you – we all grow and learn as a result, and that’s the beauty of dance and fitness.

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Contact me

Please contact me if you have any questions about classes or this format!